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November 26, 2018
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Bitdefender Box 2  now includes enhanced Parental Control, so you can say NO to cyberbullying and online predators

Digital protection against cyberbullying and online predators

Get notified about verbal attacks, aggressive language, inappropriate requests for photos, meetings outside the house or/and private information (passwords, card numbers), in your children's online conversations.

Block out potentially harmful online content and persons

Keep away from your kids suspicious incoming or outgoing calls and SMS, and manage the apps you consider inappropriate for them.


Always know where your children are

Track their location so you always know where they are. Take a laid-back approach and get notified when they enter an area you mark as Restricted.

Safe Check-in

Save your kids the dread of an extra phone call - let them tell you they're OK with Safe Check-in.

Limit time spent on device

You get to decide how much time your child spends online and limit the hours when the devices won’t be accessible.

Bitdefender Box 2  protects an unlimited number of Internet-connected devices from malware, stolen passwords, identity theft & hacking, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Parental Controls

Monitor your kid's online activities and manage screen time for precious family time. Internet access should always be safe.

Bitdefender Box 2

The new way to secure your connected home. Simple, easy to use protection for all your devices.
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Includes 1 year subscription
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